I love the Web and the work I do. I work closely with my
clients to deliver the best possible solutions for their needs.

About Me

I'm a WordPress GURU & Freelance Developer living in Melbourne. I love everything that has to do with WordPress, Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing and Technical Support.

I have 4 years of experience working as a Co Founder, WordPress Specialist and Digital Marketeer in KitabTrade Pvt. Ltd (Nepal) and various freelance with national and international clients. I love working with people, specially if they have the same passion I have for what they do.

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Freelanceing In Melbourne


Being a Freelancer, I have constantly set my top priority as customer fulfilment like:

Fortify clients administration aptitudes, Take a gander at each touch point, Improve clients associations & Upgrade clients administration technique.

In today's generation where almost everyone use smartphone and internet, you surely don't want to get behind in this "Digital World".

Get your own desired responsive websites, improve your SEO or SMO at very low costs and start your business online today!

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What Can I Provide?

Talking about my personal interest & experience, Me & My Team can provide following services:


Having interest in Digital Marketing, I can help in branding your business and get desired customers for you.

Web Design

I structure proficient WordPress Websites and additionally responsive HTML website at affordable cost.

Banner Design

Having experience with Adobe Products, I design premium banner, posters for events or social media.

Manage WordPress Sites

Got Problem in your WordPress Site? Site running too slow? Well don't worry! I'm here to help you.

Logo Design

With my team members, I can help you in designing premium looking logos for your brand or business.


Don't Want WordPress? It's ok! I can help you develop responsive HTML based websites.

Brand Identity

With my Audiance Network, I can help you grow your brands and get perfect audiance for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

With my experience, I can deliver right customers for your business on today's internet platform.

Android App Development

With my experienced team, I can develop android apps with Google's Material Design and publish in Google Play.

Graphic Design

With my experienced team, We can design graphic cards, banners, posters or any other graphic related products.

Social Media Promotions

With my audiance network, Sarcasm Nepal With over 3M Reach, I can provide good platform for your content.

Content Writing

With my creative writers, I can provide you with unique content for your websites, facebook or any social networks.

I design delightful digital experiences.

This is what my interest drives me in. The work and results I’ve achieved for other clients, and meet my experienced Team! I just love Freelancing.

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Facts About Prince Ghimire

Well, I'm a techie! I believe that, In today's generation where everyone use smartphones and internet, taking your business to online platform is very wise idea. And I'm always here to fulfill your desire.

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