Terms & Conditions

1.  To co-ordinate with the work, I need all the detial of your project in first meetting, for website I need pictures, data and relateive information witin three days of first meeting. If you want me to wite unique content, that woud cost little extra amount.

2. For WordPress Sites, If bought additional premium themes and plugins, that is completely independent with the project's budget and is subjected be added diffrently.

3. If required data and informations are not provided in time frame, Me and my Team can walk away anytime.

4. 25% of the total budget shoud be provided after third demo is submitted to the client and remaiming 75% of the budget can be provided as per the desire of the client within the project's completetion.

5. If I need additional timeframe for the project, then I will contact my client on time and days shall be extended if posible depending on the size of project.

These terms are subjected to change as per my working experience on the comming date and will be instantly updated on my website Prince Ghimire .

Last Updated: 15th February 2019

Freelanceing In Melbourne
Freelanceing In Melbourne

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